Dating online: cum sa o faci sa ii fie dor de tine

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beautiful-couple-standing-so-close-to-each-otherO relatie inceputa pe un site de dating online are tendinta sa se “consume” ceva mai repede, mai ales pentru ca ambii parteneri au intotdeauna acces la internet si petrec foarte mult timp online. In acest fel risti ca ea sa se plictiseasca de tine intr-un timp foarte scurt. Iata ce ai de facut atunci cand vrei ca ea sa iti simta lipsa.

Gaseste-ti o ocupatie

Atunci cand te plictisesti, cu siguranta esti foarte tentat sa te concentezi pe site-ul de dating online si sa discuti cu ea sau sa o suni. Incearca sa iti gasesti o ocupatie captivanta, sa citesti o carte, sa iesi cu prietenii in oras, sa te uiti la un serial nou etc. Toate aceste lucruri te vor tine la distanta de tentatii, iar ea se va intreba cum se nu esti ca ceilalti barbati care o cauta mereu si o sufoca.

Nu sta online tot timpul

Cu cat vei sta mai mult timp conectat pe siteul de dating online, cu atat vei fi mai tentat sa o cauti si vei lasa impresia ca nu ai ocupatie. In plus, daca ea nu te va vedea online, va incepe sa isi puna tot felul de intrebari si sa inceapa sa iti simta lipsa. Da, chiar daca iti este greu sa te dezlipesti de internet, cel mai bine este faci acest lucru, astfel incat ea sa te vrea si mai mult.

Evita sa discutati pana cand simti ca se plictiseste

Atunci cand sunteti impreuna sau aveti o sesiune de dating online, timpul zboara repede si nu iti dai seama cat de mult ati discutat. Din acest motiv este recomandat ca dupa maxim o ora si jumatate de discutii sa incerci sa gasesti o scuza care sa iti permita sa te retragi elegant. Spune-i ca trebuie sa te intalnesti cu un prieten, ca vrei sa te apuci de curatenie sau ca lucrezi la un proiect pentru munca.

Fa-o sa se intrebe daca te gandesti la ea

Daca o suni de 3 ori pe zi, ea se va plictisi si se va simti controlata, agasata. Daca o vei suna o data la doua sau chiar trei zile, ea va incepe sa se intrebe daca te gandesti la ea. Partenera ta de discutii va incepe sa se gandeasca tot mai intens la tine si sa aiba sentimentul de dor in ceea ce te priveste. Aceeasi regula ar trebui sa se aplice si in cazul discutiilor de pe site-ul de dating online: evita sa vorbiti zilnic, chiar daca este tentant.

Limiteaza timpul petrecut impreuna

Iesiti in oras si simti nevoie sa mai stai in compania ei. Nu este nimic rau in acest lucru, insa in acest fel nu ii vei da ei ocazia sa isi doreasca mai mult, sa simta ca ii este dor de tine. Iesiti in oras, plimbati-va impreuna, insa nu petreceti mai mult de patru ore impreuna la primele intalniri. Condu-o acasa si ofera-i libertatatea de a decide daca vrea sa mai petreaca 10 – 15 minute in compania ta atunci cand ati ajuns la destinatie sau daca va despartiti si vorbiti alta data. La finalul serii, evita sa mai aveti o sedinta de dating online, pentru a pastra suspansul.

Nu accepta toate invitatiile ei

Accepta intotdeauna prima invitatie a unei femei, indiferent care ar fi aceasta, insa evita sa accepti chiar toate invitatiile pe care ti le face. Probabil ca se va supara, insa ii va trece repede daca ii vei da si o explicatie buna.

Spune-i ca ti-ai facut deja alt program pe care nu il poti anula, ca trebuie sa lucrezi sau ca te pregatesti pentru o zi foarte grea la munca.

Hai pe Sentimente


  • Iara spune:

    You missed the key qotiesun which everyone asks in my neck of the woods and is completely appropriate and will lead to hours of good discussion, “Which area do you live?”So, rather that write off someone who asks what you think is an impertinent qotiesun (but otherwise seems like someone you’d like to talk to), come up with a simple, vague answer and say “But who wants to talk about work? What area do you live in?” But you know, he may find that an intrusive qotiesun. What if you turn out to be a stalker and try to find his house? Or maybe he feels that reveals too much about his income. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?No wonder people just stay home.

  • Nina spune:

    The woman didn’t ask me within the shersott possible time after small talk, “what I do”.Why is that question offensive to you? “What do you do?” is a useful question when getting to know someone. It can add to the conversational possibilities: “I’m a teacher… I pump out septic tanks… I’m a lobbyist for a gun-control organization.” As a shy person who finds conversation with new people difficult, I like having something to ask questions about. Even people who are not dating ask this question when they meet someone.And, sure, it can help a person decide if he or she wants to continue to pursue a relationship, even just a friendship. For example, I’d be unlikely to have much in common with a person in the last profession I listed and would probably not pursue a dating relationship with him.

  • Lena spune:

    mark — Yes, humor is great. But there’s no reason to pemusre poor conversational skills because someone is interested in finding out what someone does for a living if one is starting to date them. That is the context. Even if they’re just interested in chatting, which isn’t the context.Making a living is a big part of someone’s life and there’s every reason to be interested. And, like it or not, even your avocational interests are part of the winnowing process when someone is interested in finding a significant other. I had women who couldn’t understand or take that I ran a live steel show. Like idiots, they pemusred that meant I was violently inclined and bolted. They winnowed. They also winnowed for me, because it was a large part of my life at that time and I had no interest in someone that shallow. I always led with that one for that very reason. I didn’t try to keep my profession secret, however. Why should I? It too was a large part of me and what I am.

  • Marethabile spune:

    Years and years ago, I was in a bar and all of a sudden was ievolvnd in a deep conversation with a woman who seemed very interested.Either she suddenly started bugging me, or I had too much to drink, but when the inevitable question came as to “what I do”, I told her that I was unemployed. I wasn’t unemployed at all. There was a complete 180-degree flip. She made small talk on something else and tried to keep a normal expression (she didn’t even ask what line of business I was unemployed in), then excused herself to go to the bathroom and just disappeared.I suspect the same thing would happen if you name a very low-status job. That doesn’t really happen the other way around, man/woman, obviously.Second point: I realize that it’s the American thing to nose right in there and ask people what they do for a living, but that really is frowned upon a bit (when done so quickly or done in the way that it’s done) in some other cultures. Really.And despite the people above who seem to think it’s just a harmless getting-to-know-you tactic, I doubt that because of the way the question is usually asked. It’s done for assessment and evaluation in many cases (especially when asked of men by women).I realize it doesn’t happen too often, but I can remember a clear first date in which the woman was almost trying to X-ray me in terms of finances. Her questions weren’t even subtle, and it was one question right after the other later on in the evening.

  • Khairul spune:

    she would bring the food. Then she said she would bring a friend. When I pceikd them up, the friend turned out to be a female minister. At the concert, the two ladies unfolded a blanket, waited till I sat down, and then both huddled at the orthogonal corner, tucking their legs beneath them. My date said, “I suppose you have to have some meat.” They retained their vegetarian delights over there, at their side of the blanket. The two of them shoved the carton with meat in it all the way across the blanket. It was the sort of meat that is prepared by the lowest-status, newest, most committed employee at a vegetarian deli where they know they have to sell it, but the thought of it is morally unbearable. Meat that was prepared by somebody who sprinkled it with tears while thinking of dead baby squirrels and dead baby deer. I attempted some conversation, across the full width of the blanket. People all around us rightly hissed me for oversounding the noise of distant chamber music, so I gave that up, succumbed to boredom, and slept. When the concert was done, one of them gingerly prodded at me to awaken me. We all went back to her house. The ministress then discovered a certain rude sense of humor. She twinkled, simpered, beamed significantly, and said to my date, “Well, I’ll leave you now. So you can … say good night … to him. I know when I’m not wanted!” Arched eyebrows. She tooled off in a car whose vanity plate was named something like “RevLady.”As soon as she left, my date said, “Well. I suppose you expect a hug. Like all the others.” She closed her eyes, averted her face, extended her arms, and leaned slightly forward from the waist. I said, hastily, trying to tiptoe backward, “Oh, no. NO! Not at all, not at all. No. That’ll be quite all right. No hug necessary. Uh, I better be going now.” Later she and revlady called. I assume they called separately rather than as part of some elaborately concerted plan to entangle a somnolent carnivore. But, somehow, nothing could be worked out.A lot of the wierd dates are intransitive. The ‘other’ is doing something quite normal to him or her, and completely bizarre to you. I think this one was bilaterally wierd, and would not be at all surprised if Ms X and Revlady have posted their version on a website somewhere.

  • Shahla spune:

    Da, a fost ok, nu regret ca ne-am dus, dnamoe fereste! Trasee de bicla nu prea cred…dar nu stiu..La Baile Olanesti am fost si eu cand eram mica, pe atunci cred ca era mult mai bine. Oricum, zi mersi ca erau restaurante, aici nu era urma de asa ceva : )) Ma rog, mancai la restaurantele pensiunilor…care erau vreo 2 sau 3 deschise 😛

  • Leezha spune:

    Hai ca pana la urma a meritat sa mtregei in parcul de distractii. Foarte fain acolo. Trasee de bicla nu sunt?Eu am avut parte de o surpriza asemanatoare cand am ajuns acum 2 ani, venind din Parang,la Baile Olanesti. Ceva…groaznic! Totul lasat in paragina, plin de pensionari( sa nu se inteleaga ca am ceva cu ei ), niste restaurante vai de mama lor…In fine, am vrut sa mergem acolo la bai dar ne-am luat repede gandul!

  • sunshine spune:

    Probabil aceste sfaturi sunt date de un barbat,pentru ca femeile au nevoie de multa atentie,si daca,o suni odata la 2-3 zile,sigur va gasi unul care sa o sune in fiecare zi,daca ii refuzi invitatiile de vreo cateva ori,nu cred ca vei mai avea ocazia sa te invite,iar daca vrei sa stai doar 4 ore in compania ei,cand ea,ti-a rezervat toata seara,sigur cauta unul care sa o vrea mereu.

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